Zenfolio | Rose of Sharon Photography | Preparing Baby For Session


Newborn portraits are best done when created within the first 2 weeks of the baby being born. If the baby is healthy and mom is doing well, I prefer to photograph in the first week. During this first week, the baby is still very sleepy and we can mold them and put them in to all of the adorable poses that families have grown to love.

Photographing newborns and infants requires a lot of patience on both the parents and photographers part. It’s not uncommon for a newborn shoot to last up to three hours so patience is crucial. After all we are on THEIR schedule. I will take as many breaks as baby needs to feed, for diaper changes, calming down, getting them to sleep or whatever baby needs.
Newborns can be very uncooperative when they are cold. I will have the studio VERY warm upon arrival so mom and dad etc. you will need to dress in layers so that if you get too warm you can get comfortable. It will be rather toasty for us but baby will be happy and sleepy.You may even think it is too warm for baby but I assure you it is not and it is needed to keep them comfortable and asleep. Newborns are not as poseable when they are awake. They will not stay in the position to get those really adorable images, they tend to want to flail their little arms and legs.
Prior to leaving home you will need to make sure and dress baby in loose fitting clothes so that there is no red marks or creases on baby's skin. Even the diaper needs to be as loose as possible.
A well fed baby is a happy sleepy baby! If you live near the studio please feed your baby prior to coming. If you live more than 45 minutes away you may want to wait and feed the baby here. Either way, please plan on bringing extra milk with you. These sessions tend to make babies hungry and you will need to feed them to put them back to sleep. A baby with gas is not a happy baby and can result in lots of crying so please try to get them to burp if you can.
The end result will be a lasting image of your precious newborn that you will cherish forever.